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azteca89's News

Posted by azteca89 - November 16th, 2009

Why do these hunks of junk always manage to break so soon? I am already on my second one! I mean, really..what da fuck? And just right before I was gonna get Left 4 Dead 2 and Modern Warfare 2, and Assassin's Creed 2. Oh well, I guess I can get MW2 and AC2 on my PS3, since yeah the PS3 is far superior and I already had it for 3 years and it still works, and my newer 360 didn't even last an year. You know what Microsoft? make better consoles, kbyethk.


Posted by azteca89 - September 11th, 2009

I've decided to make a new post. Why?....I really really don't know. I guess I was just sick and tired of the old one. And what sucks even more, I got no goddamn thing to say. All I have been is busy with work and school, a shit load of coding at my work, and it's really getting tedious.

I am also tired of being the man of the house. Man of the house you say? I can explain, both of my parents, BOTH of my parents got in a car accident. My old man is temporary disabled, he needs a couple of days to recover. My beloved mother got the worse, she got a couple of broken bones, but that is not the worse, they discovered she has breast cancer. So, what rotten luck. She is going through therapy though, I wish her the best.

Soooo, that makes me in charge with almost everything. Driving my brother's to school, getting the laundry and the groceries done, driving my parents to their appointments, working and going to class. I am just, completely booked. Hence why I hardly go to this place now. But who really cares? It's like if I was popular or shit.

I am not saying that my life sucks or anything, I think me and my family just hit a snag. I am just getting old really quick, oh well...I heard the ladies dig that. Anyway, thats all the shit I wanted to get off my chest. Here is a video, an underrated song, by and underrated band. I enjoy N*E*R*D so what?

/* */

Posted by azteca89 - May 26th, 2009

I have came back to NG, and it hasn't gotten any better...But hey, can't improve much in two months, Yes I have finally came back from two months. Had a nervous break down, snapped at some people, lost some friends. But, I really wanna turn over a new leaf now. I used to post like an asshole on NG back then, but, I will try my best to be nice now.

I would like to apologize to a couple of people on NG. First would be, Deadchick. She tried her best to help me and cheer me up, but I just kept getting away from her, ignoring her. Second, MissingNYC. I "trolled" him, and I would like to apologize. I know you would never be my friend again J, but at least take my apology, you can never hold a grudge forever. Lastly, chainsaw8877. Another friend I got in a fight with. knocked his lights out when he was drunk, but...I was drunk as well, and I feel really stupid for that. You come back from living in the streets, and I welcome you with a fist in the face.

Well, yeah, I am back, hopefully back. I am better now. I got lots of college classes done, getting well paid now at my job, don't need to argue anymore. So yeah, sorry guys, really sorry.

Posted by azteca89 - March 14th, 2009

Lol, got banned for fucking around with Jade's little bitch . Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe. Comes to show you kids, don't fuck around with the mod's ass kisser. Cause that happens.

lol, banned.

Posted by azteca89 - February 4th, 2009

There she was...entering the building. She lit up my day...her face...her eyes...her lips...made my heart race, made my palms sweat, and made my manly voice turn into a girl one. She was wearing a pink button shirt..with two of the top buttons undone, and a black skirt. It drove me crazy, since I never seen her in a skirt because she is insecure about her physic, but I don't see why...she was so stunning. She was walking towards me, she said "hi" then gave me a hug...her essence was nice...the smell of apples was all I can smell.

I held her hand and walked her to her class. Her class was on the second floor of the building. She insisted of taking the elevator, but I insisted we take the stairs...you know...so we can hold hands more. She smiled then nodded...so the stairs it was. So there we were...next to her classroom.

I wanted to show her how much I appreciated her, So I got close to her, so I got close to her...she blushed then looked down at her feet, she gave me a gentle push back. "Come on...please?" I said to her. It was quiet for a moment then she got close to me, still looking at her feet. I lifted up her head...she looked so cute when blushing, I got close to her face...and gave her a light kiss. She smiled...I smiled back, I took a step back and in that single second...the whole world slowed down...the next second...the world was black, but her voice...her voice I could still hear.

The world appeared again, and there she was...sitting next to me. Her face...in tears, I grabbed her face gently and wiped her tears from her beautiful face. I gave her the biggest hug. "It's ok" I whispered to her. Today...was the day and yes this pun is sooo necessary...I fell in love.

TLDR: I fell in love...literally.

Damage report
---> Two bruised ribs
---> Swollen ankle
--->Swollen wrist, it's ok though it's the right one...I'm left handed.
--->A small gash on my forehead
--->And one MASSIVE headache.

Oh well...at least I didn't get a concussion or something worse.
Also, the girl who I am talking to...It's ok! wasn't your fault. Lighten up.
Oh and here's a quick rendition of what I think happened. Quickly done on my laptop..cause I have a massive headache. (done in Illustrator) :
Bah! Stop this now! Stop this love dovey stuff...Time to see some blood!!!! Provided by Fallout3

/* */

Love...it hurts...literally.

Posted by azteca89 - January 8th, 2009

Hello there who is reading this, I am back after almost three weeks at wouldn't you know it.....Mexico City, Mexico. Went there to spend my winter break there and of course get reunited with some friends and relatives. Spending my three weeks over there was fine and all, what the real pain of the vacation was making the trip over there and making it back home, three days of non stop driving, oh and did I mention crossing the border line? Almost three hours.

Well I had some fun, got some candy (yum, marzipan, look at profile pic), a little moonshine that my uncle made, bought a sweet illusion picture that if you look at it from a distance it is Jebus but from close it's some dudes, and oh found this....blade on the streets (the hell is this? a switchblade?). So yeah, good times and now I'm back...which basically nobody cares.

Back from south of the border

Posted by azteca89 - December 3rd, 2008

A typography poster I made. Concept behind it? Well I had to "deconstruct" an idea I disagree with. Can you guess what idea I disagree with? Do you even know what the hell is going on? Took me about an hour to make in photoshop. Thought about sharing it, and yeah....new blog entry.


Posted by azteca89 - October 5th, 2008

Alright, so after 10 weeks of photoshop class. I was up to my last week, and my last project. So what did I have to do for my last project? A simple a cd cover album, either from a fictional band or a non fictional one. I chose to do a fictional one, so yeah, boom, Heavy Artillery. But...what bothers me, is I think there is a band called like that, so yeah, it was completely coincidental of me.

Anyway, on to how I made. It was really easy, really easy. For the background I searched around for a camo background, I couldn't find one that was red. So I had to take color balance the camo and make is red. For the tank and the other stuff, I searched again and made them into paint brushes. And for the 'blood' splatter, it's another brush...but green. And the font is a basic stencil that comes with photoshop already. Ignore my lame excuses what you call track names, so yeah. There you go, my final photoshop project. But that doesn't mean I will stop using photoshop. Hell, I probably will use it now on my future sigs.

Oh and here are some pics of the album cover in a jewel case:


And oh damn, forgot the inside of it. Well it's basically the left side of the front album.

My last photoshop project

Posted by azteca89 - September 4th, 2008

Just sum photoshop filter practice. Also a layer mask on it, yeah I think with that snowman and the mask. I don't know, just thought I would share this, and I want to see how you guys feel when you see this. Confused? enraged? happy? sad? something else?

Random? yes.....I don't know, maybe I was smoking something REALLY good while I was doing this.

Meh, just some practice...

Posted by azteca89 - August 28th, 2008

Well, I finally got my grade from my midterm photoshop test. I got a nine out of ten. Yeah I forgot to use one more tool, and that was creating a layer mask. Anyway, Before you see and tell me "what the hell it this?" read this first: For my midterm assignment, I had to make a science fiction magazine cover. . So yeah I passed my midterm, and I thought I did pretty well on it. So what do YOU guys think, you think I did pretty well? did I deserve that 9/10 grade? should it have been 10/10? or lower than 9? Ways to improve it? Any photoshop tips I might of missed? Should I stop asking so much questions? Uh yeah, enough of that.