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2009-02-04 15:32:58 by azteca89

There she was...entering the building. She lit up my day...her face...her eyes...her lips...made my heart race, made my palms sweat, and made my manly voice turn into a girl one. She was wearing a pink button shirt..with two of the top buttons undone, and a black skirt. It drove me crazy, since I never seen her in a skirt because she is insecure about her physic, but I don't see why...she was so stunning. She was walking towards me, she said "hi" then gave me a hug...her essence was nice...the smell of apples was all I can smell.

I held her hand and walked her to her class. Her class was on the second floor of the building. She insisted of taking the elevator, but I insisted we take the we can hold hands more. She smiled then the stairs it was. So there we to her classroom.

I wanted to show her how much I appreciated her, So I got close to her, so I got close to her...she blushed then looked down at her feet, she gave me a gentle push back. "Come on...please?" I said to her. It was quiet for a moment then she got close to me, still looking at her feet. I lifted up her head...she looked so cute when blushing, I got close to her face...and gave her a light kiss. She smiled...I smiled back, I took a step back and in that single second...the whole world slowed down...the next second...the world was black, but her voice...her voice I could still hear.

The world appeared again, and there she was...sitting next to me. Her tears, I grabbed her face gently and wiped her tears from her beautiful face. I gave her the biggest hug. "It's ok" I whispered to her. Today...was the day and yes this pun is sooo necessary...I fell in love.

TLDR: I fell in love...literally.

Damage report
---> Two bruised ribs
---> Swollen ankle
--->Swollen wrist, it's ok though it's the right one...I'm left handed.
--->A small gash on my forehead
--->And one MASSIVE headache.

Oh least I didn't get a concussion or something worse.
Also, the girl who I am talking to...It's ok! wasn't your fault. Lighten up.
Oh and here's a quick rendition of what I think happened. Quickly done on my laptop..cause I have a massive headache. (done in Illustrator) :
Bah! Stop this now! Stop this love dovey stuff...Time to see some blood!!!! Provided by Fallout3

/* */ hurts...literally.


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2009-02-04 15:43:51

Hey, man, hope you're feeling better. And I still apologize for the small, minuscule part I played in this...

azteca89 responds:

Lol..what? What did you do?


2009-02-04 15:59:00

Talk to her, she'll tell you.

Also, what is it with people lately, responding to comments this fast? (That's a compliment.)

azteca89 responds:

Oh, ok I'll see about that.

Eh..feel posty at the moment.


2009-02-04 16:28:57

Nice dude, nice!

azteca89 responds:

Whats nice? That story or that slip I took?


2009-02-04 16:47:51


azteca89 responds:

Whats the matter? :o


2009-02-04 19:20:56


azteca89 responds: thanks. Yeah thats they only time you are gonna see me right a love story.


2009-02-04 20:40:21

Girls have a thing for love when it comes to an injured person.
Lessons learned from movies such as 'Back to the Future'.

azteca89 responds:

lol, so I'm just a charity case? D:

I'm hurt : <


2009-02-05 21:22:39


azteca89 responds:

Yeah woo...awesome.


2009-02-06 02:32:27

Had a nice trip?
see you next fall!!
LOL jk man... get better... then GET REVENGE ON HER!!!
nah i kid XD

azteca89 responds:

Yes I did, and'll see me sooner.

You want me to knock her down stairs too?

Surrrrreee...I know your hatred against her.


2009-02-07 16:50:58

Hey, you know what would really cheer you up right now? Some good ol' Trauma Center.

azteca89 responds:

Oh really? wish had a wii now.


2009-02-09 00:18:50


azteca89 responds:



2009-02-13 01:07:40


azteca89 responds:

Nah thats ok.


2009-02-15 16:32:06

Hey Az. Long time I haven't been here.

Sounds like you had quite a tumble there. At least your injuries aren't that bad. How are you feeling now? Any better?

azteca89 responds:

Oh hey Dgs, Yeah I have gotten better now. My bruises have healed up, nothing is sore anymore, and no more headaches.


2009-02-20 23:31:29

sounds like you need a new post now :P


2009-03-09 01:20:23

wait, what?


2009-09-14 00:50:35

Sorry, but that wa most likely the funniest thing I heard of that month.
Just a little birdie in my brain that really really REALLY loves other people's pain and misery.
I am a twisted person.