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Dude, cut it out!

Seriously man, this "series" has to stop! There is no point to them. It's just a single picture, no animation on it, no effort (except the beginning). Your "series" is spawning these other stupid knockoffs that also get passed. It's like a freaking cancer that spreads and spreads. Also, seriously?six authors to make this flash? If these "flashes" keep passing, then what is the point of having a voting system? Also people should think why these "flashes" get passed, it's these stat whores that help these entires pass (yes irony cause I have a high rank, but I never five spam).

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

If you don't like these or their spinoffs don't watch them. It's hardly rocket science.

"WOOF....WOOF.....WOOF" lol!

Oh boy was that a hoot! I liked every minute of it, the animation was great (even though it was badly drawn lol) and smooth. Just when I thought the badly drawn pups was the ending, it just got way better. The badly drawn future dog was great, (nice portal reference) I really liked the ending of it, when the dog started to sing. Excellent job, please say there will be moar of these.


You ruined my childhood, and I thank you for it. Anyway, I just gotta say more great stuff about it. I like the animation, sort of reminded of Ren and Stimpy. You stuck to the story pretty well, but when did Bambee fly? (lol). Nice audio, even though it was all voice acting. Prefect, really prefect. You should really make another of these Disney parodies, maybe Snowhite? Anyway, keep up the good work.

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Nice, really nice.

I was alway wondered when Zone was gonna make a hentai game with Midna, and it was a pretty long time, but I thought it was worth it. Nice options, really good animation, also drawings, really good. I would of gave it a perfect 10, but it's a demo, but if it wasn't.....10 defiantly ; ) Anyway, it is a still good hentai game.

lol, epic.

What a great game, nice audio nice graphics, runs really smoothly even in my crappy computer, and nice concept by using those ng levels. Shit seems that I can't beat Tom and his almighty beard, oh well. Anyway, a really great game. You get 10.


Nicely made and a bit challenging. The graphic are great, moved smoothly and kind of got me addicted a little.

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Whoa nice.

Nice little tune there DC. I like that transition it goes through, it's like...peaceful..then after that it get weird and creepy, then it goes back peaceful, really nice. So yeah good job, hope there is more to come from you.

Deadchick responds:

Hehe, thanks. I'll try to make more beats then :3


A little short but sweet, sort of sounds futuristic and I could defiantly see this song used like at a dance club or something lol. Great stuff man, keep it up with those awesome beats.

Syntrus responds:

Why thank you

Really nice

This is excellent, I like it because it has that weird and eerie mood. Nice work with the drums n bass. If I ever get into the flash business, I would defiantly use this audio in one of them.

WritersBlock responds:

I'd love for this to be used in a flash.
I'm glad you like it.

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