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My apology...

2009-05-26 23:30:12 by azteca89

I have came back to NG, and it hasn't gotten any better...But hey, can't improve much in two months, Yes I have finally came back from two months. Had a nervous break down, snapped at some people, lost some friends. But, I really wanna turn over a new leaf now. I used to post like an asshole on NG back then, but, I will try my best to be nice now.

I would like to apologize to a couple of people on NG. First would be, Deadchick. She tried her best to help me and cheer me up, but I just kept getting away from her, ignoring her. Second, MissingNYC. I "trolled" him, and I would like to apologize. I know you would never be my friend again J, but at least take my apology, you can never hold a grudge forever. Lastly, chainsaw8877. Another friend I got in a fight with. knocked his lights out when he was drunk, but...I was drunk as well, and I feel really stupid for that. You come back from living in the streets, and I welcome you with a fist in the face.

Well, yeah, I am back, hopefully back. I am better now. I got lots of college classes done, getting well paid now at my job, don't need to argue anymore. So yeah, sorry guys, really sorry.


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2009-05-26 23:43:41

You know, I never hated you or anything, didn't want to anger you anymore. But, hey..don't need to apologize to me, glad you are better now.

azteca89 responds:

I still apologized anyway, so yeah. Hopefully we will start talking again at class?


2009-05-26 23:49:40

When is the next "episode" gonna happen?
You gonna just type out some shit apology then too?
You are still expressing yourself like an asshole.
You haven't changed a bit.

azteca89 responds:

No and no
How so?
Hoep not.


2009-05-27 00:02:08

Explains your absence.

I'm a bit of a jerk now and then too. Haha, actually I'm more of a jerk now then I've ever been. Always happens around finals.

Any who. Feeling better now, hopefully?

azteca89 responds:

Yep, lots of crazy stuff happened.

Oh yeah, finals too, they are a real bitch.

Yeah I have recovered. Much better now, trying to be more nicer and now not talk crap about dumb users.


2009-05-27 00:13:46

fuck if I know, I was just trying for the extreme negative reaction to your blog, and what better than for a stranger that has no idea what you are talking about. You get the words without the sting.


2009-05-27 00:15:24

Dude I don't even remember you knocking me out. Anyway, yeah I forgive you, hopefully we will start talking again.


2009-05-27 00:20:33

... that wasn't cool man... but ok... forgive and (try) to forget... re-add me on msn k? we talk there


2009-05-27 21:47:45

Well hai there, welcome back :3

You probably don't know me...But I just thought that since I'm a..."friend" of DC, I'd like to get to know you :3


2009-06-01 22:19:01

Everybody seems to be coming back now, I guess May is a month of collaboration?

Glad to see that you are feeling better, now. We welcome you with open arms, and hope for a better future.

"I play a very small role in this expansive story, but even small parts can be very significant..."


2009-06-09 13:16:57

Your sig pic makes me jizz in my pants. :3


2009-07-17 02:13:24


azteca89 responds:



2009-08-06 03:06:41

Is ok. I wuffs u.

azteca89 responds:

Hmm, do I need to apologize to you as well?


2009-09-07 01:41:34