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Busy with life and work...and school.

2009-09-11 05:30:20 by azteca89

I've decided to make a new post. Why?....I really really don't know. I guess I was just sick and tired of the old one. And what sucks even more, I got no goddamn thing to say. All I have been is busy with work and school, a shit load of coding at my work, and it's really getting tedious.

I am also tired of being the man of the house. Man of the house you say? I can explain, both of my parents, BOTH of my parents got in a car accident. My old man is temporary disabled, he needs a couple of days to recover. My beloved mother got the worse, she got a couple of broken bones, but that is not the worse, they discovered she has breast cancer. So, what rotten luck. She is going through therapy though, I wish her the best.

Soooo, that makes me in charge with almost everything. Driving my brother's to school, getting the laundry and the groceries done, driving my parents to their appointments, working and going to class. I am just, completely booked. Hence why I hardly go to this place now. But who really cares? It's like if I was popular or shit.

I am not saying that my life sucks or anything, I think me and my family just hit a snag. I am just getting old really quick, oh well...I heard the ladies dig that. Anyway, thats all the shit I wanted to get off my chest. Here is a video, an underrated song, by and underrated band. I enjoy N*E*R*D so what?

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2009-09-11 23:02:45

how come its so goldy in here? and also crazy type of music from what i heard.

azteca89 responds:

Cause, it's silent here...and you know, silence is golden....

I listen to all types of music.


2009-09-14 02:59:40

Dude, I wish I was half as responsible as you.
I can't even finish homework on time!

azteca89 responds:

You are still young, you still got lots of growing to do.
Well, that was the same with me when I was your age.


2009-09-16 23:05:47

Ouch...Sorry about that.

I mean, your dad will be okay right? But that cancer...Yeah that's bad D:

Can I help make you feel better? :3

azteca89 responds:

Oh, I am alright now.

He is back on his feet, so I am much better now.

I dunno, can you?


2009-10-12 20:47:06

Hey, Deadchick.

azteca89 responds:

Whos that bitch? Oh, that girl that knocked me down some stairs.