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My last photoshop project

2008-10-05 15:11:43 by azteca89

Alright, so after 10 weeks of photoshop class. I was up to my last week, and my last project. So what did I have to do for my last project? A simple a cd cover album, either from a fictional band or a non fictional one. I chose to do a fictional one, so yeah, boom, Heavy Artillery. But...what bothers me, is I think there is a band called like that, so yeah, it was completely coincidental of me.

Anyway, on to how I made. It was really easy, really easy. For the background I searched around for a camo background, I couldn't find one that was red. So I had to take color balance the camo and make is red. For the tank and the other stuff, I searched again and made them into paint brushes. And for the 'blood' splatter, it's another brush...but green. And the font is a basic stencil that comes with photoshop already. Ignore my lame excuses what you call track names, so yeah. There you go, my final photoshop project. But that doesn't mean I will stop using photoshop. Hell, I probably will use it now on my future sigs.

Oh and here are some pics of the album cover in a jewel case:


And oh damn, forgot the inside of it. Well it's basically the left side of the front album.

My last photoshop project


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2008-10-05 16:29:20

Would You Like To Be an Artist On My Website? (new) (old)

azteca89 responds: me think about it. I personally don't think I'm a good artist.


2008-10-06 18:30:19

not bad man... so this is whats keeping you away huh? well, you still get a B ;)

azteca89 responds:

Why still a B!?


2008-10-07 23:31:41

Oh, what a coincidence, my final project is going to be a CD jewel case too. But yeah, I told you that you could probably do a better one than me. Wait a minute, you've been playing TF2, haven't you?

azteca89 responds:

Well, we'll see. Maybe when you're done, I can see yours too. lol, yeah I have been playing TF2 recently. Solider by the way.


2008-10-12 13:52:18


azteca89 responds:

The fuck? where have you been?


2008-10-15 13:06:47

fine fine, ummm A- how's that?! its better than your actual grades! :P
and im starting a list of users i like too, but you're included... you're special, plus i owe ya

azteca89 responds:

You owe me you say? how?


2008-10-17 19:07:49

the header and the sigs? and watching my acct.

azteca89 responds:

Oh, I see.


2008-10-24 13:47:02

Looks cool, hope you get a nice grade!

azteca89 responds:

Funny, never knew my grade of it.


2008-10-29 22:40:22

I LIKE POOPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

azteca89 responds:



2008-11-01 21:32:13

wow... even 7 spams you

azteca89 responds:

Yeah I know, he loves me, thats why.


2008-12-02 01:45:06

dude! did you die? did you choke on turkey tacos?

azteca89 responds:

Yeah! on Dc's taco!

OH! burned!