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2008-12-03 01:51:02 by azteca89

A typography poster I made. Concept behind it? Well I had to "deconstruct" an idea I disagree with. Can you guess what idea I disagree with? Do you even know what the hell is going on? Took me about an hour to make in photoshop. Thought about sharing it, and blog entry.



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2008-12-03 01:58:16

Your typography sucks....

I know you can do looks like a ransom letter combined with your favorite video game characters and the person you hate.

This is a better example. IFvaI

(Updated ) azteca89 responds:

Dude....didn't need to say it sucked. Could of simply said, needs lots of improvement. Also...You also missed one..little...thing...Deconstucti on poster. The point of the poster is to simply "deconstruct" an idea you don't agree with. I never said that I hated Jack Thompson himself, I am disagreeing with his ideas about videogames cause violence that lead to those school shootings just recently. The type didn't really matter for this project. I don't make my type, just yet.

Here's a little example of Deconstruction: ent/uploads/2008/04/poster_study1 1.jpg


2008-12-03 02:00:33

I took graphic arts before and you've gotta escape your "mental-box"

that means your familiarity...your inner sub-conscious...
IN your Not everyone get's video-games.

If you wanna make good art...or even web gotta think outside of the box.
Learn to think like other people.
And draw what THEY might think.

No disrespect...but you want people's honest opinion right? I'm trying to be constructive in my words.

azteca89 responds:

Same thing I hear from my type teacher.

This project was to learn how to make disorder with type. But, I had to learn order first. So before this, I made a Swiss International Style poster.

Say what you want to say alright. I just got into college.


2008-12-03 03:16:53

See what I mean...MOODY.

If you wanna succeed in this field of gotta let go of your pride as an artist...and learn to think in the business sense.

It was the hardest thing for me as an artist to do.
That's why I left.

But people will say WORSE THINGS...Swear at you...cuss at you...tell you your worthless...

And when I simply said..."It sucks..."

You tell ME...the viewer of your be more..."sensitive".

Well tough beans buddy...

I wanted to see how you would react to a simple phrase. Your too overly sensitive to be in the field of design with that attitude.

Trust me...learn to take ALL forms of criticism without letting it hurt your feelings.
It's the only way to make it as an artist who is also doing business.

azteca89 responds:

Well, could you have used something more constructive other than "You suck"? You know, you might be right, maybe I do suck. But how I'm suppose to improve then with that kind of comments? I've been getting lots of those comments, they haven't broke me, and I'm still learning from my mistakes. Besides, this is my first time taking type class, what do you expect?


2008-12-03 03:25:16

My mentor in graphic design once told me...

"Being an artist vs a business artist is completely different."

As a business...

"We make work for OTHERS to like...if they don't like it...they are NOT blame. It's ourselves. And we don't force our Crap on other people. So if they don't like it...we gotta fix it....and not tell them they are wrong. That's the worse move you can make."

I'm quoting the exact words he said...and he's a professional graphic artist who started the design for Hawaiian Sun tropic drinks. He's basically the guy who designs ALL the tourist products in Hawaii.

So don't Tell to judge your work.
Don't Tell ME....I'm wrong.
Don't Tell great You are.

You posted this and wanted opinions...right?

Every Viewer...has every right to SLANDER your art piece.

And the only difference is between for business vs art.
If for defend.
If for concede.

No one is gonna hire you to do ANY work for my company with that attitude.

azteca89 responds: still are rambling on about what tons of people already told me...

Sorry...Mister Moody, never knew you were so sensitive.
Never told you that you were wrong.
Never said I was great.

What if I want to make my own company, ever thought of that?...


2008-12-03 03:30:36

Well, could you have used something more constructive other than "You suck"? You know, you might be right, maybe I do suck. But how I'm suppose to improve then with that kind of comments?

That's JUST IT!

You gotta find your OWN way.

Are you gonna let a few "words" get you down...commit suicide like a loser artist...only to have his remains be sold at higher price that wasn't appreciated before? (Vincent Van Gogh) gotta learn to pick yourself back learn to take in all the words...and know what you must do. If you wanna succeed as an artist in business.

You gotta Influence Yourself!

No one can bring you down or rise you up...only YOU.

And if you allow others to control how you you feel...then you are a loser.

I purposely posted that Rocky typography not just as an example..but for the message it delivers.

Now GO out there...and not let ANYTHING stop you from making great art for other people.'s not for yourself...YOUR opinion doesn't matter if its for others.

Don't let your "PRIDE" be your downfall.

(Updated ) azteca89 responds:

*zzzzzzzz*.....Oh, still talking. Geez, dude....I wasn't getting all emo because you talked bad about my stuff, I don't give a rats ass what you think. I just wanted to see if ANYONE got the message of this poster. Seriously....geez...just let it go already. I already got it criticized enough. Got lots of positive, and some negative responses. And look! I'm still alive! :O


2008-12-03 03:34:45

Besides, this is my first time taking type class, what do you expect?

That's selling yourself short...and no one likes that attitude.

It should be...

I'm sorry...I'm new to this ...but I'm working hard to make things better!

That sort of phrase disgusts my boss as he was interviewing inters....they were fired that moment.

This is a HIGHLY competitive line of work...a boss won't hire the best artist...they will be more incline to keep the ones who are "Willing" to self-improve and show their increase in skills.

If a artist thinks too high and mighty or sells himself short...they are OUTTA there.

(I'm telling you BIG secrets that will not be learned until later in your field of take them with MORE than just a grain of salt.)

Good Luck. And may great art be made by you.

..\ \ \....../´¯/´¯./´¯\
...\ \ \.../.../..../../..)../´¯)
.......\................. ./

azteca89 responds: still don't get it......I ALREADY HEARD EVERYTHING YOU TOLD ME. Man, it was just a piece I thought I would of shared. If people are gonna repeat the same thing every time, Might as well not share work here anymore.


2008-12-09 17:12:51

Violence of Video games and the politic hell they cause?


2008-12-21 01:32:32

Umm... Gorden Freeman raping Jack Thompson


2009-01-05 01:30:19

Your user images give me a flaming hard on.