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2008-08-28 01:54:47 by azteca89

Well, I finally got my grade from my midterm photoshop test. I got a nine out of ten. Yeah I forgot to use one more tool, and that was creating a layer mask. Anyway, Before you see and tell me "what the hell it this?" read this first: For my midterm assignment, I had to make a science fiction magazine cover. . So yeah I passed my midterm, and I thought I did pretty well on it. So what do YOU guys think, you think I did pretty well? did I deserve that 9/10 grade? should it have been 10/10? or lower than 9? Ways to improve it? Any photoshop tips I might of missed? Should I stop asking so much questions? Uh yeah, enough of that.



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2008-08-28 03:01:55

Man eats his own head.


azteca89 responds:

Yeah I was just making random crap up.


2008-08-28 17:02:03

I sent you a PM, hopefully clearing up what I said from the other.


2008-08-28 23:22:23

Very nice, but five dollars? Way too expensive =P

azteca89 responds:

Yeah I guess it is expensive, because it's out of this world! woooo! ok I'll stop that,lol.


2008-09-01 12:16:49

you had to make that for a midterm? Cool, probably deserved a 10 though :P I would love to a man eat his own head ^.^

azteca89 responds:

Yeah, it's photoshop class, college stuff. Also yeah, I would also like to see a man eat his own head.