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Back from south of the border

2009-01-08 04:10:28 by azteca89

Hello there who is reading this, I am back after almost three weeks at wouldn't you know it.....Mexico City, Mexico. Went there to spend my winter break there and of course get reunited with some friends and relatives. Spending my three weeks over there was fine and all, what the real pain of the vacation was making the trip over there and making it back home, three days of non stop driving, oh and did I mention crossing the border line? Almost three hours.

Well I had some fun, got some candy (yum, marzipan, look at profile pic), a little moonshine that my uncle made, bought a sweet illusion picture that if you look at it from a distance it is Jebus but from close it's some dudes, and oh found this....blade on the streets (the hell is this? a switchblade?). So yeah, good times and now I'm back...which basically nobody cares.

Back from south of the border


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2009-01-08 14:49:37

Yay you are back! Don't go back to Mexico City! >.<

azteca89 responds:

Oh lol, and why not? You scared I'm gonna get mugged and put up for ransom? lol.


2009-01-08 21:40:17

umm, its called an airplane... :P
i would never drive into mexico... but welcome back

azteca89 responds:

Yeah it's too bad my mother is scared of flying.
Well I and yeah thanks, it's not so great being back.


2009-01-15 19:26:44

What you've got there is a butterfly knife.
A nice one, too, by the look of it.

azteca89 responds:

Oh well, thank you for clearing that up. Not a knife expert.


2009-01-18 20:34:12

lol, that knife probably belonged to a gang member or somethin, were you find it, tepito?

azteca89 responds:

I just found it on the streets of Mexico City, yeah that place is one crime spot.


2009-01-25 19:50:10

is she aware that flying is safer than driving?

azteca89 responds:

Ehh, she doesn't listen.


2009-01-31 02:06:43

Seems like alot of people are liking Central America this time of year.

Is that your homeland?

azteca89 responds:

Nah, it's my parent's place


2009-01-31 16:25:24

7 comments? i figured you'd get more by this point...

azteca89 responds:

Sorry, I'm not popular like you.


2009-09-14 00:54:00

The knife is called a Balsong or some shit like that.
more better known as a butterfly knife.
BTW Nice Wii.